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Are you looking for somewhere that will allow you to learn from industry leaders with real life and current experience of adland and beyond? At The School of Communication Arts there’ll always be someone around to help out, whether that’s advice on your work, your technique, or simply to give insights into agency life. Our mentors come from across the globe, from a whole range of disciplines and specialities, and boasting a whole range of accolades and awards. You can always be sure there’ll be someone about to learn from and be inspired by.


Our unique learning model means that students get to meet and learn from over 800 industry leading mentors over the year. That’s a big departure from the norm in most colleges and universities, and an even bigger advantage for our students.

Our mentors come in over the course of the year whenever they have time to spare. Most are busy working professionals who we massively appreciate taking the time out of their hectic schedules to come in, but it means that our students are given time with the kind of people that you’d normally have to fight for a meeting with.

There are no rules or regulations when our mentors come in. First we’ll welcome them with a hot drink, then they’re set free to mingle with the creatives. Teams often snap up mentors to ask for help on a number of things. This can range from book crits, to bits of advice on current projects, tips on how to crack the industry, insights, strategy, or just to be inspired by some of the amazing people we have pass through the doors of St Matthew’s Church.

This isn’t the only way mentors interact with our students. We’re lucky enough to have a great calendar of masterclasses throughout the year. Mentors step up on stage to share their wisdom, advice, tips, and tricks with the current intake, as well as inspiring them with their stories, creations, and achievements. Thursdays are for “culture club”, where mentors are invited to come in and show the students what they’ve made and done. It’s a great insight into the processes and thoughts behind some incredible, world changing work, and it’s always nice to sit back and see something pretty.  

Our mentors come from a whole range of backgrounds, not exclusively advertising. As well as art directors, copywriters, creative directors, strategists and planners, you’ll meet creative technologists, entrepreneurs, artists, consultants, thought leaders, makers, doers, and everything in between. We believe that everyone has something to offer, and being stuck in the advertising bubble isn’t the way to produce award winning work. We want our students to be inspired by all manner of creative people and we welcome them from every kind of discipline imaginable.

In addition to the 800 plus industry mentors we see throughout the year, we also have a team of in-house mentors who come in regularly to get to know the students and guide them through their year at the school. You can start to get to know them below.


Our Mentors

Ian Hands

Ian is our head of craft. He knows his way round a mac better than anyone, and is always about to teach you a new skill, or help you to brush up on old ones. In fact, there’s not much he hasn’t turned his hand to. From typography to art to animation to 3D design, there’s always something new to learn from Ian and his experience in the industry.


Pete Cain

Pete pops in a few days a week to tell you to start again. He’s a firm believer that there’s always a better idea, and will push you to make your work the best that you possibly can. He might point out all the holes, but he won’t leave until he’s helped you to fill them all in again. When he’s not mentoring at SCA he’s a freelance creative, and when he’s not doing either of those, he’s a stand up comedian and a director.


Vikki Ross

Vikki is the Queen of Copy. She’ll show you the difference between passive and active, and will be there to hammer home that less is always more. When she’s not busy freelance copywriting for some of the world’s biggest brands she’s on twitter posting examples of great copywriting, especially in places where you wouldn’t expect it. She’s also the creator of #copywritersunite, which hosts regular get-togethers, and runs the hilarious twitter account @agencyquotes.


Deanna Rodger

After becoming the youngest UK Poetry Slam Champion in 2007, Deanna has only improved. She’s a poet, an actress, a spoken word performer, and co-founder of Chill Pill, a popular spoken word event that takes place in London. She’s at the cutting edge of underground poetry, and you won’t find a more excited person to help you to push your work forwards.


John Griffiths

John has worked for so many agencies and clients that his CV has a search function. He’s one of the industry’s best planners, and can turn any old brief into a simple, effective, and clear strategy in seconds. After 30 years in advertising he has more insight that most agencies. He’s the guy to go to at the beginning of the process when you’re figuring out what you want to say, then once you’ve figured that out, go to Caroline and she’ll help you to figure out how to say it.


Caroline Hampstead

Another of our copywriting mentors, Caroline will crack the whip on your commas, apostrophes, hyphens, and spelling. She knows a good line when she sees it, and will show you some of the tricks of the trade on how to write one.


Rob Binfield

Rob is our art direction mentor, although that’s not all he does. He started his creative career early, taking a place at art school when he was just 16. Throughout his life he’s dabbled in art, advertising, music, and more. He now owns his own creative agency, and is most often found with a sharpie in his hand and a stack of scamps on his desk. He’ll have you doing the same in no time.


Honor, Clare, and Max are always busy in the office keeping things in check. They can type at the speed of light, send emails with their eyes closed, and have endless supplies of stamps, blu-tac, and sharpies. They’re the shoulder to cry on when you need it, and the listening ear when you have to vent. They’re great at looking after mentors, and finding new ones too.


Become a Mentor

We’re always looking for new and exciting mentors to visit The School of Communication Arts and inspire us. We believe the diversity of mentors, opinions, insights, and opportunities is what helps to make us the most awarded ad school in the world. However, we like to think that becoming a mentor doesn’t just benefit our students.

You’ll have access to the world’s best new advertising talent, as well as the chance to set briefs and hear ideas. If you’d like to know more about becoming a mentor then please contact us, or you can apply directly here.


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