7 Reasons Why SCA is Better than an Advertising Degree

Want to know why studying at SCA is a better pathway to a career in ad land than an advertising degree? Here are seven good reasons…

1. Guaranteed work placements

After twelve months in the school studio, our students get guaranteed work placements* in top advertising agencies including Ogilvy, Albion, AMV BBDO, BBH, M & C Saatchi, Start, LBi and DDB . Many people apply to the school just for the opportunity of a work placement.

2. Work on real briefs

Advertising agencies, media owners and big brands, and local businesses support the school by setting briefs for our students to work on. So far, this year’s intake  have already launched a beer and two consumer electronics products, set-up a party for the UK’s top sports personalities, pitched to the bosses at a top games company and to a network operator.

3. Less debt

We work our students hard so that they can complete the course in 18 months instead of the 3 years that most universities follow. So our students need to support themselves for half the time and start working sooner.

4. Learn from the best

Hundreds of the UK’s top creative practitioners have signed up to become mentors at the school. Every day, up to six of our mentors hang out in the school to help our students with their briefs.

6. Funding to start a business

Our ideapreneur students receive funding (up to £10,000) to start a business whilst at the school.

7. We are a not-for-profit, owned by the advertising industry

School of Communication Arts is a not-for-profit social enterprise, supported by dozens of top advertising agencies. The industry has come together to open the school because it is not satisfied with the quality of creative education in most universities.

* Students must pass all units of the Curriculum before going on their placements.

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